'A corporation without a strategy is like an airplane weaving through stormy skies, hurled up and down, slammed by the wind, lost in the thunderheads. If lightning or crushing winds don't destroy it, it will simply run out of gas.'

—Alvin Toffler
'The Adaptive Corporation'


Strategic Counsel

Specializing in Project Management,
Communications, Marketing,
and Development

Seasoned executives know that savvy crafting and selling of an organization´s products—including its messages—make a critical difference in how that organization is perceived by opinion-makers and the public at large. Strategic communications may sound lofty, but its premise is simple: think before you speak, develop a distinguishing message, and make sure that this message is part of a larger strategy aimed at improving your image with your audiences and the media.

Mary Fifield Associates (MFA) is an award-winning niche marketing and communications agency with the knowledge, sophistication, and networks that clients value as they struggle to capture first place. We use strategic communications to help you identify and advance your agenda. Our success lies in astute problem analysis and rapid and articulate execution. We naturally maintain strict client confidentiality.

Companies and institutions cannot afford to let their competition capture the public limelight, nor can they allow threatening crises to build to the point where serious damage is done to core interests. Our boutique operation therefore comprises only senior staff who know how to manage these challenges. We offer cost-effective services and maximum efficiency in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Mary Fifield, President of Mary Fifield Associates, has more than 30 years´ experience managing local and national media relations, crisis communications and new-business strategies for major firms. She has worked as a news and feature producer for the major television networks, and has managed public relations for key corporations. She has also been a principal aide to several high-profile public figures in the public and private sectors. Before opening her own firm, she was Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for a major Boston law firm.

Our Team

When a client needs assistance beyond that which it is able to get from its in-house operation, our corps of associates is there to help.

MFA brings to your projects a team of Senior Associates, each with a minimum of 20 years of experience. The MFA team has expertise in a wide range of disciplines, including public relations, government and community affairs, news reporting and editing, opinion page writing for major newspapers, fundraising, survey research, the law, accounting and finance, and computer and Internet technologies.

They have worked for a Who´s Who of companies and institutions locally and nationally, among them: the state and federal governments, AT&T, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, CNN, Bechtel Corp., The Patriot Ledger, Boston Business Journal, National Catholic Reporter, MediaOne Group, Times Mirror Company, McKinsey & Company, the Boston Arts Marketing Alliance, the Handel & Haydn Society, Boston Lyric Opera, the Chiofaro Company, the Druker Company, the Municipal Electric Association of Massachusetts, the American Insurance Association and the Alliance of American Insurers, World Cup Soccer, the Stop & Shop Companies, Inc., Bradlees, Inc., Emmanuel College, Massachusetts Easter Seal Society, Boston Center for the Arts, Philadelphia Orchestra Association, Drexel University, New Jersey Public Television, Millipore, and Simmons College.

For More Information

If you would like additional information about Mary Fifield Associates, or if you wish to schedule a meeting to discuss your situation with us, please contact Mary Fifield directly at 617.731.1290, or fax MFA at 617.731.8803. Our Email address is:


Strategic Consulting

On target. On message.

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