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Sue Rothberg is an award-winning producer with an extensive background in both traditional and new media. She has worked as a television journalist, Internet analyst, and Web consultant, and has held numerous leadership roles throughout her career. Her expertise lies in knowing how to design communications solutions for varying audiences and present information through the perfect blending of copy and imagery for delivery on or offline.

In 2002, she was invited by Fallon Community Health Care (FCHC) to perform an intensive evaluation and competitive analysis of the firm's on-line offerings in order to identify strategic opportunities. She subsequently established best practices for FCHC, recommended key changes that improved customer relations and decreased costs, and laid the foundation for a new website that "created a 50% increase in site traffic and received rave reviews from our members," according to FCHC's vice president of marketing.

Ms. Rothberg spent 20 years in television news working at some of the leading CBS, NBC and ABC television stations. During that time, she produced thousands of stories-from financial, health and consumer news to hard-hitting investigative reports. In 1999, Sue's experience in visual communications and information delivery led her from the on-air to on-line world.

Ms. Rothberg began her Internet career as an e-commerce analyst evaluating trends in both the retail and dynamic pricing space. She was frequently interviewed as an expert source by media outlets such as Business Week, CBS Market Watch, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, The New York Times, and Investor's Business Daily and appeared regularly on CNN and CNBC-TV.

Today, Sue helps companies effectively reach their customers both online and offline through the use of video and Web communications. She manages large-scale web projects for clients and provides a host of consulting and creative services.


Strategic Consulting

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