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Phyllis D. Giller is an award-winning strategic communications and public relations consultant with extensive experience working for not-for-profit health care organizations. Most recently Ms. Giller worked for the Cambridge Health Alliance and its Medicaid health plan, Network Health and for Partners Healthcareís Center for Information Technology Leadership (CITL).

Ms. Giller has a valuable breadth and range of experience addressing an organizationís business and communications needs by positioning strategies to meet its multiple internal and external audiences. She has received 20 awards from many highly respected industry organizations and publications, including the New England Society of Healthcare Communications and Healthcare Marketing Report.

Earlier in her career, Ms. Giller was a photojournalist and her photographs were published throughout Greater Bostonís daily and weekly publications, including the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and Boston Phoenix.

Ms. Giller is a founding member of Boston Women Communicators and an elected Town Meeting Member. She holds an undergraduate degree in photojournalism and psychology from Rutgers University and attended Emerson College for her graduate studies in Business Communications and Public Relations.


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