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Chris Black draws on more than 30 years of experience as a print and broadcast journalist to help clients refine and package their messages and teaches the techniques for the most effective delivery of those messages on television, radio and in print.

She offers a full range of communications services including strategic media planning, media training and Media Relations, speech writing and ghost writing and crisis communications. She has helped prepare candidates for the US Senate, presidential campaign surrogates, government officials and activists for print and broadcast interviews, press conferences and speeches. She has helped clients in the senior living industry cope with crisis situations which posed significant threats to reputation with a comprehensive approach, including on the scene quick response.

She drafts and helps place opinion articles in major newspapers for clients on subjects ranging from human rights to intellectual property. She currently provides strategic communications counsel to the Armed Forces Retirement Home, the nation’s premier retirement community for military veterans, and the Assisted Federation of America, the nation’s voice for senior living. She has ghost written books, including memoirs and self-help guides, for her clients.

She specialized in government and politics as a reporter, commentator and broadcaster. She covered the White House, Capitol Hill and the 2000 presidential campaign for CNN and spent twenty years as a political reporter for the Boston Globe, New England’s leading daily newspaper. After leaving journalism, she worked as the director of communications and spokesperson for Teresa Heinz and her personal philanthropy, the Heinz Family Foundation.

She covered six presidential campaigns and wrote books on two. Her first book, “All By Myself: The Unmaking of a Presidential campaign”, and co-authored with Thomas Oliphant, was an autopsy of the failed campaign of Democratic candidate Michael S. Dukakis. Her second book, “Pursuit of the Presidency” is a primer on the presidential campaign process and narration of the inside story of the 1992 presidential campaign.

She is a native of Massachusetts and earned a degree in English Literature (magna cum laude) at Northeastern University in Boston.


Strategic Consulting

On target. On message.

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