'In today's world, knowledge and capability have become keys to success because everything else—product offerings, marketing strategy, sourcing schemes—is easily acquired or imitated.'

Jeffrey Pfeffer

'The Real Keys to High Performance'

Strategic Consulting

It used to be said that there is no such a thing as bad press. That was before 24-hour news cycles, before tabloid journalism crept into the "responsible" media, and before anyone with Internet access could become an information source.

Today, being on message—getting your point across effectively—means more than ever before. The experienced professionals at Mary Fifield Associates know how to cut through the chatter and the clutter. Just as important, we know that image isn't everything. Your institutional identity needs to serve your strategic objectives. Effective missions require an integrated mix of external (media, government, community), and internal relations.

Let us help you achieve your goals.

On target. On message.

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